Laboratory for Catalysis and Materials Research

Welcome to the Cybulskis Research Group in the Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering at Syracuse University! We are an experimental research laboratory focused on understanding the molecular details of heterogeneously catalyzed reactions and using this information to engineer materials, processes, and reaction pathways over nano-to-macro length scales. Historically, new catalyst discoveries have enabled the creation of many important technologies. Processes such as ammonia synthesis for fertilizer, catalytic cracking for transportation fuels, and alkene polymerization for plastics and elastomers have all made very large, positive impacts on society and would not have been possible without catalysts. Utilizing catalysis to address grand challenges in energy and sustainability requires fundamental insight to inform the design of catalytic sites, surrounding reaction environments, and processes that can steer chemical transformations with high selectivity.


Our expertise lies at the interface of chemistry, chemical engineering, and materials science. We specialize in developing synthetic zeolites and molecular sieves since the well-defined, molecular-sized pores, cavities, and cages in these materials can be augmented with a multitude of active sites, allowing them to function as tunable nano-reactors. Through an integrated approach that combines materials synthesis with state-of-the-art characterization tools and chemical kinetics, we seek to fundamentally understand how the physicochemical properties of reactive, microporous solids govern their intrinsic catalytic performance for various applications in renewable energy, chemical synthesis, and environmental remediation. We invite you to learn more about our research team and capabilities. Please contact us if you have questions or would like more information.