Principal Investigator

Viktor J. Cybulskis, Ph.D., P.E.
Assistant Professor,
Biomedical & Chemical Engineering
Syracuse University

vjcybuls at syr dot edu

2018  Postdoctoral, Caltech, Chemical Engineering
2016  Ph.D., Purdue University, Chemical Engineering
2005  B.S., Purdue University, Chemical Engineering

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Viktor J. Cybulskis is an Assistant Professor at Syracuse University and a licensed professional engineer with over 13 years of engineering experience in both industry and academia. He was born in South Bend, Indiana and received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. He began his industrial career in 2005 with LyondellBasell Industries on the Texas Gulf Coast where he held various roles in both manufacturing and research and development for fuels and petrochemicals. In 2009, he joined TPC Group in Baytown, Texas as a Production Engineer for propylene oligomerization. Viktor returned to Purdue University and received his Ph.D. in 2016 after completing his dissertation on supported metal catalysis for water-gas shift and alkane dehydrogenation reactions under the guidance of Fabio H. Ribeiro and W. Nicholas Delgass. Prior to joining the faculty at Syracuse University, he completed his postdoctoral study in the Mark E. Davis research group at the California Institute of Technology on zeolite synthesis and enantioselective catalysis of light oxygenates.

His research laboratory focuses on the development of inorganic solid catalysts, including oxide-supported metals and molecular sieves (e.g., microporous zeolites and zeotypes, mesoporous materials), for use in new, eco-friendly processes to convert carbon-based natural resources, such as petroleum, shale, and biomass-derived feedstocks, into value-added chemical products and fuels.